Science or Science Fiction? Making Virtual Reality a Reality

How do you define reality? For Neo in The Matrix, this is a hard question.

Podcast Review: “Science Vs” Pits Fact Against Fiction

Do not believe everything you hear. In her new podcast, Australian science journalist Wendy Zukerman examines some of our widely-held beliefs through the lens of science.

The Bugs and the Bees: How viruses bridged the gap between bees and butterflies

What eats leaves, transforms into a butterfly, and contains wasp genes in its genome? Discover exactly how the caterpillar became a natural GMO and why modern technology is changing the face of evolutionary research.

Leptospirosis: An Unexpected Source of Global Disease Burden

According to the research of Albert Ko at the Yale School of Medicine, leptospirosis makes

Battling OCD in Real-Time: Live brain imaging helps patients attack anxiety at the source

In a recent Yale study, researchers have shown that it may be possible to teach sufferers of OCD to control their anxiety by giving them immediate feedback on their brain’s activity. This method may also prove useful in better understanding the underlying neural substrates that may define the disease.

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