Comprehending Cooperation in Children

David Rand, assistant professor of psychology, describes cooperation patterns in children, who have thus far been understudied by social psychologists interested in human cooperation.

Leptospirosis: An Unexpected Source of Global Disease Burden

According to the research of Albert Ko at the Yale School of Medicine, leptospirosis makes

Podcast Review: “Science Vs” Pits Fact Against Fiction

Do not believe everything you hear. In her new podcast, Australian science journalist Wendy Zukerman examines some of our widely-held beliefs through the lens of science.

How to Dose Antibiotics

The development of antibiotic resistance is a mounting issue in healthcare. A recent study shows that the dosage of antibiotics that should be used in order to minimize the rise of resistance depends on competition between bacterial strains.

See-through Batteries: A Last Hurdle for Invisible Electronics

A study led by André Taylor, associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering at Yale, presents a new method of creating transparent lithium-ion batteries. The development brings science closer than ever before to the realization of invisible electronics.

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