Mealworms: An Unlikely Solution to Styrofoam Waste

Styrofoam waste is a serious environmental issue that previously had no effective solution. Researchers have recently discovered that mealworms can eat Styrofoam, which presents a promising prospective solution.

Science or Science Fiction? Making Virtual Reality a Reality

How do you define reality? For Neo in The Matrix, this is a hard question.

Battling OCD in Real-Time: Live brain imaging helps patients attack anxiety at the source

In a recent Yale study, researchers have shown that it may be possible to teach sufferers of OCD to control their anxiety by giving them immediate feedback on their brain’s activity. This method may also prove useful in better understanding the underlying neural substrates that may define the disease.

Alumni Profile: Richard Lethin YC ‘85

Richard Lethin YC ‘85 fell in love with science at a young age as he watched his father work to design radar. He has carried this enthusiasm with him throughout his life, from his time at Yale to his work as an engineer, and now to his role as president of Reservoir Labs.

Collective Intelligence: How Insect Swarms Respond to External Stimuli

A team of Yale researchers has demonstrated how a seemingly random insect mating swarm responds to external stimulus through intelligent group fluctuations.

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