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Braving the Cold: Why staying warm may be the best medicine

A team of Yale researchers recently discovered that rhinovirus, the most frequent cause of the common cold, infects more easily at a cooler temperature than a warmer one due to an inhibited innate antiviral response at the colder temperature.

The Blame Game of Hospital Readmissions

According to Yale doctors who developed measures for Obama Care, socioeconomic status is not a significant factor in hospital readmission rates. Yale physician Dr. Harlan M. Krumholz explains why the backlash against these measures is misplaced.

Rebirth of Wright

For 50 years, the Wright Particle Accelerator was a symbol of Yale’s commitment to and dominance in the field of physics. This story commemorates these decades of excellence, and explores what is next for the Wright Lab.

Patterns in Monsoons: Climate Change or Human Error?

A historical record of monsoon depressions shows that a certain type of monsoon storm is on the decline. Yale postdoctorate fellow Naftali Cohen explores this claim with professor William Boos, providing new insight and revising our understanding of how our climate works.

Rewriting Life: How Changing the Genetic Code Changes Everything Else

A simple code dictates how DNA is translated into proteins in all living things. Scientists have long thought of these translations as universal, but lately, a few exceptions have come to light. Now, researchers at Yale are probing how and why the genetic code might change.

A Better Battery

A team led by Yale postdoctoral student Dr. Won-Hee Ryu has engineered an ingenious catalytic membrane design that increases cyclability for lithium-air batteries.

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