Unraveling the Mysteries of Genetic Evolution: How promoter mutations may factor in

Evolution as we know it is driven by mutations in genes. But researchers at Yale were curious about what surrounds a gene. That is, how does a whole gene network evolve?

Salmonella enterica Forego the Flagella: Yale researchers find new moves in bacterial choreography

New Yale research reveals how Salmonella bacteria move when flagella are of no use, adding dimensions to our understanding of bacterial choreography.

How Stars Form: Collaborative research studies stars from their early days

The youngest star system ever observed has given astronomers an ideal opportunity to study star formation from the early days.

The Brains Behind Building a Brain

The nervous system is built on a tight schedule. Scientists investigated this neurological clock in zebrafish, bringing us closer to a complete picture of brain development.

How to Hibernate: The neuron’s secret to staying warm in the cold

Through months of a squirrel’s cold slumber, neurons generate their own heat to keep functioning. Our cover story explains this feat of the nervous system and explores what it might mean for humans.

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