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Masters of Light: The Science Behind Nature’s Brightest Colors

Many of nature’s most brilliant colors arise not from pigments, but from curious tricks of light. From the brilliant blue of a morpho butterfly to a beetle’s iridescent emerald, structural colors continue to mystify physicists and biologists. A recently unearthed beetle fossil sheds light on the evolution of these spectacular colors.

Life On Pause: The Scary Truth About Internet Gaming Disorder

Have you ever played a video game for a little longer than you intended? Did you crave to play again soon after? Internet Gaming Disorder is the newest form of addiction troubling the youth around the world, and you just might have it.

Deep in the Lungs of the Earth: Exploring the Effect of Vegetation on Atmosphere and Climate

Using advanced computer modeling and three million years worth of climate data, Dr. Nadine Unger has pioneered new research on the way vegetation affects climate change.

Dragging HIV into the Limelight: Exposing the Anatomy of the World’s Leading Infectious Killer

A team of researchers recently elucidated the structure and dynamics of the HIV fusion machine, which the virus uses to infect human beings. This exciting discovery, published in both Science and Nature, is a potential breakthrough for HIV vaccine development.

Uncharted Waters in Dyslexia Research

While most research on reading disabilities has focused on its disadvantages, Dr. Ken Pugh of Haskins Laboratories recently published a trend-breaking study. He shows that dyslexic children have a slight advantage in visuospatial processing.

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